Building materials – Interior and exterior decoration



Add: Road No.9, Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone, Lien Chieu District, Danang

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1. Business sector:

– Manufacturing and tranding building materials, DCB self-inserting concrete blocks, Darrazzo DCB tiles, Daramic DCB tiles and other types of concrete blocks.

– Agent for consignment of goods, provision of construction services, transportation, trade.

Main products:

– DCB self-inserting concrete block: manufactured according to standard TCVN 6476: 1999; used for pavement sidewalks, streets, streets, yards …

– DCB concrete block brick: manufactured in accordance with TCVN 6477: 1999 with hollow structure of 40% volume, high compressive strength, uniform dimensions used for waterproof, non-damp, sound insulation, high strength, fast construction, lower price.

– Darrazzo DCB tiles are manufactured in accordance with TCVN 7744: 2007 and Daramic DCB tiles are manufactured according to TCCS 12: 2003 standards with colorful, decorative patterns, used for interior and exterior decoration.

– DCB brick products have been registered the quality of goods (conformaty and standard) at the Quality management and Construction management Agencies and have been registered to copyright trademark at National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

2. Awards: Top 100 Vietnamese Brands