Add: 09 Cach mang thang Tam Street, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Danang city.
Tel: +84. 236 3896571 – 2212830

Functions and Responsibilities
Danang Industry and Trade Promotion Center has the function of providing public services and other services in the field of industry promotion, industry development consultancy and trade promotion.

a) Developing and organizing  the implementation of programs, plans and projects on trade promotion, industrial promotion activities and industrial development consultancy;b) Supporting  and advicing on trade promotion activities. Organizing, attending fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and trade promotion events. Supporting in developing brands, trademarks, applied research and technology transfer. Organizing activities related to the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”;c) Providing industrial development consulting services including consulting for industry development project, small industry, industrial zones;  investing and constructing  industry and civil projects; consulting on the fields of industrial hygiene and food safety; consulting to set up investment projects to develop production and business, establish rural industrial enterprises, apply science and technology to production, business, and other related fields. Carrying out consultancy, supervision, technical verification activities of projects, industrial technical works and other industrial development consultancy activities in accordance with law

d) Providing services including survey, measurement and evaluation of energy saving result for energy consumption facilities. Consulting and providing technical support for enterprises to apply cleaner production in industry. Execute energy audit solutions, technical and construction solutions, technology and equipment transfer for economical and efficient use of energy and cleaner production in enterprises;

đ) Consulting for establishing investment projects, fundamental and technical design, blueprint design for transmission line and substation construction projects which are up to 35KV voltage level. Consulting and construction supervising of transmission line and substation construction projects which are up to 35KV voltage level. Carrying out verification of  technical design and financial projections papers of fundamental designs of electricity and lighting projects and technical design and financial projections papers  for  machine and equipment relocation projects

e) Organizing the training activities, investment promotion and international cooperation activities in the field of industrial promotion, industrial development consultancy and trade promotion;g) Organizing the management, exploitating and operating  the Exhibition and Fair Centerh) Propaganding and disseminating policies and laws of the State and other information in the field of industrial promotion, industrial development consultancy and trade promotion.i) Carrying out other duties assigned by the Director of Department of Industry and Trade.

Structural Organization.

Director: Le Thanh Ha
Phone: 84.236.3889475
Mobile: 0913.413.094

Vice Director: Bui Van Minh
Mobile: 0903.575.596

Vice Director: Nguyen Huu Binh
Mobile: 0979.642.777

Organization and Administration Division
Phone: 84.236.3898165
Division Chief: Mr. Ho Loc Binh (0982.494.131)

Trade Promotion Division
Phone: 84.236. 3896571 – 84.236.2212830
Division Chief: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan (0914.169.170)


Industrial Promotion and Industrial Development Consultant Division
Phone: 84.236.3889285
Division Chief: Mr Truong Quang Trung (0982.091.096)

Exhibition and Fair Management Board
Phone: 84.236.3699195
Division Chief: Mr. Phan Xuan Hoang (0985.001.011)