Traditional villages



Kho me (sesame) cakes are made from glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger, and sesame.

The rice flour is mixed with the glutinous flour, then poured into a mould to be steamed and then dried. Next, the cakes are soaked in sugar or sesame. The ones that are soaked glutinous flour are called “kho no”, and those soaked in sesame are called “kho me”. The delicious cakes are soft with well-dried sesame and, when they are broken, the sugar must be like thin yellow silk cords. Kho me cakes are usually put on altars at death anniversaries or the Tet holiday.

Kho me cake is a speciality of Quang Nam Province and Da Nang. During the Nguyen Dynasty, the making of the famous kho me cake in Quang Chau, Hoa Chau Commune, Hoa Vang District, was developed into a village craft. The making of kho me cakes in Cam Bac-Hoa Tho Commune and Quang Chau Hamlet, Hoa Chau Commune, dates from the 1950s.

Mrs Lieu has the best reputation for making the kho me cakes near Cam Le Market, now at Cam Bac, Hoa Tho Dong Ward, and she is very famous in the market.

Today, kho me cakes are sold across the whole country as well as abroad all year round.